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Past Engagements

Team Appreciation


Ty designed and executed a campaign for Cable & Wireless in Trinidad and Tobago for the company's employees to celebrate International Women's Day. Click on the image for more information.

Designing Experiences


In designing the premiere event of the summer in Dublin, Ireland, not only did Ty coordinate and plan a Mad hatter's Tea Party and fashion show, designed the creative PR messaging leading up.

Coaching & Speaking


Having done over 50 speaking engagements in his career, Ty also teams up with industry experts, such as the founder of, to share insights, coach and inform young professionals.

Fractional CEO


Currently, Ty runs two organizations as the Fractional CEO as both are start-ups and running in different countries with different needs. Both are actively growing but still allow Ty to pursue other ventures.

Shared Experiences


Annually, Ty's YoPro team hosts a two day conference that showcases these expertise: Experiences, Leadership and Speaking. At this annual two-day conference, young professionals are taught life skills by industry leaders worldwide.

Fractional Executive


As a Fractional Business Development Executive for this company, Ty traveled to Finland to participate in Impact Investing workshops and present the company to investors. 

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Hosting the Business of Animation at Animae Caribe 2018