About Dr. Ty Richardson


Fractional Executive Expertise

15+ years in multiple management roles.

14 years with a Fortune 500 Multinational Corporation (Aviation, Contact Centers, Telecoms, Operations,  & Banking)

7 years Founding and running a Tech and Impact Start-Up

4 years overseeing an international division: 6 offices across EMEA/APAC

Specialist in Business Development, Strategic Management, Turnaround, Project Management, General Management, Start-Up Leadership.


Speaking & Coaching

With a passion for life and career with purpose, Ty has spent his entrepreneurial journey coaching young professionals and preparing the next generation for the workplace.

With a PhD in Organization & Management concentrated on Customer Experience and Generational Differences, Ty devotes a large portion of his time to presenting, speaking and coaching all generations on the future of work, how best to prepare for it, and how to use tools like the Art of Conversation and Networking 101, to achieve the desired results they strive for in their careers.


Custom Experiences

With extensive expertise in designing experiences worldwide, Ty and his team can curate an exceptional experience for any intended audience.

Whether you want to take a team trip abroad, experience a new gastronomic adventure, host a team building exercise or an off-site strategic planning session, Ty and his team arrange every detail and execute based on your desired outcomes. Leave it to us, we'll ensure you achieve the right results!

Interested in Strengths-Based Performance Coaching?

Learn more about Gallup's strengths-based coaching and Dr. Ty Richardson's involvement with Clarity Coaching and Consulting, as an effort to share and deliver  this new and innovative approach to performance management and personal excellence, rooted in over thirty years of research.

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Check out Dr. Ty Richardson's latest book on Amazon about his journey to becoming a young professional, a story of migration, college, career choices, living and work-life balance. Ty is joined by friends John Bloore, Marni Peters, Charlotte Leo and Warner Leedy as they contribute their experiences, advice and recommendations on navigating this same journey to others.

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